Whoa, what an experience.

Moving is always a pain, we all know that; this time around it wasn’t exactly ‘a pain’ more like a blessing. Family, friends, and new acquaintances have been around us on a daily basis and we can’t express our gratitude enough. Living on an island is definitely a different kind of feeling, I mean we all live on islands but smaller ones are prone to have serious damage caused by earthquakes if the event were to arise. I guess this keeps me and Keith on our toes! Have you been following our blog? We know it’s nothing to special but it does mean a lot to us and we really do appreciate all feedback!

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Wine, Automotive Repair, And Dancing.

Keith here,

I’m happy to read that Sharon has shared with you our thoughts on moving to Vancouver Island, Canada. A lot of memories on that little rock and getting back to see familiar faces is going to be a memorable experience. I am also not so pleased to read that she has decided to share with you all that I am a snoring machine… Just joking, I find it hilarious, especially if even in my sleep I can still get a rise out of her. 😉

Last night consisted of some tasteful wine, smooth jazz, and me dancing with a beautiful woman named Sharon. 

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The Move Is Near!

Me and Keith are both interested in moving back to Victoria… British Columbia is such a beautiful place and we both have so many memories there. We both have a lot to leave behind when we do make that decision, but nothing at the same time. Things get passed down, and passed on. People evolve and take the place of their hierarchy as well as learn more and more each day; my position will be filled, and Keith’s car collection and side jobs will find new homes and new contractors.

We know the owners of a very trusted moving company in Victoria, having a lot of memorable experiences there and building countless relationships has opened so many doors for us. We are not currently ready to make the leap but when we are we have been blessed with trusted home movers to help us arrive safe with all of our belongings.

This may be the benefit of being an entrepreneur, I became acquainted with the owners through bartering; come to think of it, I met a lot of amazing people through owning numerous business’s and bartering different services.

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Plan Fell Apart.

Me and Sharon had purchased a 3/4 ton pick up truck a few weeks back; I did a little bit of work to the bed as well as a little fabricating. The project has been moving smoothly ever since, downside to this is I had put a camper on hold and made the rookie mistake of not looking at the size of my bed. I was told the bed of my truck was 8ft and I didn’t think anything of it until I went to pick up the camper and sure enough, the package doesn’t fit.

What an embarrassing situation, I worked on the bed and didn’t even think anything of it…

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Short Little Break!

Well that was an interesting few days… We got lost on a camping trip. Now I could go ahead and make a very interesting story about how we were ‘lost in the woods for days with little food and absolutely no water’, unfortunately that is not what happened. The darn GPS blew up! By ‘blew up’ I mean the thing gave up on us… Going to a local campground that turned out to be not so local had us lost in the woods for hours. This was a stressful time period but we did manage to see the benefit in it. No cellphones, no gps, no ipads, no computers; just me and Keith in the wilderness.

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The Art Studio Lifestyle

I spend a lot of my time in and out of an art studio that brings me and all who attend an enormous amount of joy. This place is truly unique, I’ve never seen a studio like it.

Every day we have all walks of life coming in to create paintings, sculptures, and drawings. We are very family oriented and do everything we can for those who wish to create art. Being an experienced entrepreneur I would like to say that if you are going to start up your own business be ready for back work that goes beyond what you believe you can handle. I recently have had some very stressful days due to management responsibilities as well as back work that has reached the ceiling. Not all businesses are like this, but if you put yourself in a position of power and want to grow fast; please be ready for the leap. 

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Keith Here.

Thought I would pop in and introduce myself, Sharon did a pretty darn good job of that but I would like to write a few things down myself. Like Sharon mentioned, I have grown a passion for writing, never really gone through the internet when it comes to sharing; but I adapt well. It’s 2016 right? I’ve been told to “GET WITH THE TIMES!”

It’s funny how things used to be, there were no cell phones, there were no ‘blogs’, you wanted to share? Grab some pen and paper and hit the post office! I think of myself as old school at times, but like I said; I adapt well. Thought I would share a neat little story about my first dirt bike. This thing would go, when I say “go” I mean go. 250cc’s of lightweight power, a small bike but for a thirteen year old? The thing was petrifying! I remember racing around the farm, we had farm dogs that would race me and believe it or not they would often win.. I wasn’t so much a ‘daredevil’ but I did like my fun and excitement. I took a nasty tumble when I was fifteen on the back roads, quiet the story actually; ambulance attendants pulled me onto the stretcher with some scary looks in their eyes. I thought I was a goner! Although, what is a fifteen year old suppose to think? I wasn’t a tough kid, I just liked having fun and oh boy, when I went down I went down hard. I was in the hospital for five days? Six days? It all happened because I lost control after hitting an elevated tree root, the side roots caught my spokes and I dipped to the right squishing my right knee to the ground as I skidded towards a boulder.

To make a long story short, after I removed the plastic panels and bent my foot peg and break back into position, I was on the trails again! Few scars and bruises, and some on going rehabilitation to my knee (slowly and surely), I was hitting the trails faster than I ever had.

Thought I would pop in and kind of give you guys an idea as to who I am, I love classic cars and I love painting. Both bring me an enormous amount of joy and I look forward to sharing stories, expressing ideas, and focusing on some topics that I hold close to heart.

Be well,


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Our WordPress Adventure!

Me and Keith are new!


I am assuming some of you guys can tweak this platform to the point where you have moving GIF images flying around and colours are how you want them and all sorts of cool things; me and Keith are not that talented. We wanted to open up by saying thank you! We love and appreciate all who decide to follow our blog, even if your just stopping in, it means the world to us!

We are going to work on fancying things up a little bit as it does look a little plain… We are both very busy individuals but wanted to begin this blog by saying what we’ll be talking about. The answer is everything, do you ever feel like writing things down that come across your mind? Do you have a journal or a blog of your own? Well I have never really created a blog where I talk freely about what I am feeling, what I am thinking, and where I want to go; neither has Keith.

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