About Us

A retired mechanic and an entrepreneur

It’s crazy how time flies! Hi there, my name is Sharon and I am here to share with you all kinds of different things about my life. My husband and I are going to be expressing ourselves honestly and doing so in a way that we are giving value to those who decide to follow. Keith is a retired mechanic who has grown a passion for writing and I am a entrepreneurial wizard who has been writing all my life! When I say ‘entrepreneurial wizard’ what I am really saying is I can never make up my mind with what I want to do for business! I used to sell glasses of all different kinds, bulk, and quality products that brought joy to people all over the world. I ran and operated a personal engraving company, I also owned a roofing company in Victoria BC which I sold to a cousin of mine. I have also managed and owned a library in the prairies, this is probably my most proud business venture as the city I was living in did not have a library. I made the decision to take it on by myself and it all started with a storage locker and donations!

Now I am currently managing an art studio and writing articles on local blogs in my spare time, I spoke with my husband and since his passion has grown I asked him if he was interested in turning our old site into a blog where we can be ourselves; he was more than intrigued! Like I said above, Keith is a retired mechanic and now he flips classic cars for a living, we really do not need the money as we are very fortunate to have had some inheritance come in… It’s what he loves to do, I think it’s embedded into his skin personally, all the way to his heart; the way he smiles when he finishes a product is something I can’t begin to put into words.

We appreciate you taking the time to follow our little blog if you would like to contact us, our contact page can be found here; we are both new to WordPress but I have a feeling we will adapt quickly!