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Thought I would pop in and introduce myself, Sharon did a pretty darn good job of that but I would like to write a few things down myself. Like Sharon mentioned, I have grown a passion for writing, never really gone through the internet when it comes to sharing; but I adapt well. It’s 2016 right? I’ve been told to “GET WITH THE TIMES!”

It’s funny how things used to be, there were no cell phones, there were no ‘blogs’, you wanted to share? Grab some pen and paper and hit the post office! I think of myself as old school at times, but like I said; I adapt well. Thought I would share a neat little story about my first dirt bike. This thing would go, when I say “go” I mean go. 250cc’s of lightweight power, a small bike but for a thirteen year old? The thing was petrifying! I remember racing around the farm, we had farm dogs that would race me and believe it or not they would often win.. I wasn’t so much a ‘daredevil’ but I did like my fun and excitement. I took a nasty tumble when I was fifteen on the back roads, quiet the story actually; ambulance attendants pulled me onto the stretcher with some scary looks in their eyes. I thought I was a goner! Although, what is a fifteen year old suppose to think? I wasn’t a tough kid, I just liked having fun and oh boy, when I went down I went down hard. I was in the hospital for five days? Six days? It all happened because I lost control after hitting an elevated tree root, the side roots caught my spokes and I dipped to the right squishing my right knee to the ground as I skidded towards a boulder.

To make a long story short, after I removed the plastic panels and bent my foot peg and break back into position, I was on the trails again! Few scars and bruises, and some on going rehabilitation to my knee (slowly and surely), I was hitting the trails faster than I ever had.

Thought I would pop in and kind of give you guys an idea as to who I am, I love classic cars and I love painting. Both bring me an enormous amount of joy and I look forward to sharing stories, expressing ideas, and focusing on some topics that I hold close to heart.

Be well,


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