Our WordPress Adventure!

Me and Keith are new!


I am assuming some of you guys can tweak this platform to the point where you have moving GIF images flying around and colours are how you want them and all sorts of cool things; me and Keith are not that talented. We wanted to open up by saying thank you! We love and appreciate all who decide to follow our blog, even if your just stopping in, it means the world to us!

We are going to work on fancying things up a little bit as it does look a little plain… We are both very busy individuals but wanted to begin this blog by saying what we’ll be talking about. The answer is everything, do you ever feel like writing things down that come across your mind? Do you have a journal or a blog of your own? Well I have never really created a blog where I talk freely about what I am feeling, what I am thinking, and where I want to go; neither has Keith.

We are a team and we decided together that it would be fun to turn our old website into a personal blog where we can share with you all stories, information, ideas, and valued knowledge. Keith has just recently grown very fond of writing and I believe he’ll be posting soon, he’s working on a 68′ mustang which has been taking up a lot of his time. He has someone who is determined to get that thing on the road again, paying Keith handsomely but like I said we really don’t need the money, he just loves to help!


Quite similar to what we have above here, though it’s lower and he has made the chrome be visible from a mile away!

Today I am feeling like the sun is shining for a reason, do you ever feel like this? I have done so much traveling in my life time and am really ready to settle down; Keith and I were talking about moving to Victoria, British ColumbiaI have family there and it’s actually really ironic that Keith spent the majority of his childhood there! Such a small world, and so little time. It was nice to write to you all today, I am looking forward to posting again in the near future. If you have any questions with regards to my previous entrepreneurial ventures or about my previous personalized engraving business, contact us here!