Short Little Break!

Well that was an interesting few days… We got lost on a camping trip. Now I could go ahead and make a very interesting story about how we were ‘lost in the woods for days with little food and absolutely no water’, unfortunately that is not what happened. The darn GPS blew up! By ‘blew up’ I mean the thing gave up on us… Going to a local campground that turned out to be not so local had us lost in the woods for hours. This was a stressful time period but we did manage to see the benefit in it. No cellphones, no gps, no ipads, no computers; just me and Keith in the wilderness.

Do you ever wish for something like this? Not only to be lost in the woods with a loved one but to be out there with absolutely no technology. This is what made the experience memorable for me, not having the ability to pull out my cellphone to check my email, check my blog, and all that stuff that interferes with my experience. Being lost in the woods for hours was at first stressful but then we just embraced it and enjoyed the beauty of the situation. We found our campsite the next morning and ended up sleeping on the road the first night; yes we were in a motor home. That thrill of having the weight lifted from my shoulders, the need to check my cellphone mainly for my email has become an instinctive reaction and not being able to do so piled up a huge amount of weight at first… After I saw light in the situation I quickly realized that I needed to take advantage of it! I had no need for the little rectangle in my pocket, what a beautiful thing.

It took Keith a couple hours to feel how I was feeling but we managed to see eye-to-eye and really see the benefits of having no technology. We actually were so in-tune that the next trip we go on we won’t be powering on our cellphones unless we separate at some point and need to reach each other.

I am so happy to be writing to you all again! It was a short hiatus (no complaints on my end), I say this because the point to this post is that I want to challenge all of you to put your cellphone away for a day or two and see what happens. I know client management and deadlines need to be met, so find an appropriate time to try this, you will not regret it.


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