The Art Studio Lifestyle

I spend a lot of my time in and out of an art studio that brings me and all who attend an enormous amount of joy. This place is truly unique, I’ve never seen a studio like it.

Every day we have all walks of life coming in to create paintings, sculptures, and drawings. We are very family oriented and do everything we can for those who wish to create art. Being an experienced entrepreneur I would like to say that if you are going to start up your own business be ready for back work that goes beyond what you believe you can handle. I recently have had some very stressful days due to management responsibilities as well as back work that has reached the ceiling. Not all businesses are like this, but if you put yourself in a position of power and want to grow fast; please be ready for the leap. 

My art studio has grown over 200% in the time that I have begun managing. Why is this? I dedicate a lot of my time to it and focus solely on the big picture. I see my studio with three floors, a floor for sculpting and abstract pieces, a floor for painting, and a floor for sketching. I have an idea as to how I am going to get there and my mom always used to tell me “everything starts with an idea”.

Nothing happens over night and the fact that I want to see my art studio as one of the most well known studios in the city keeps me persevering through all the little hiccups that try to pull me down. Painters, sculptors and artists of all kinds make home to this beautiful place, the growth of the studio means more opportunities for other artists to find home. We offer free paint of various kinds, utensils, and a variety of stands and tools. How can we afford this? When an artist becomes one of our studio members there is an initial startup fee which roughly covers a month of equipment as well as a quarter of the rent. We have put together this system so that there can be a level of freedom gained once the startup fee has been paid, eliminating any stress of further payments. We have been told by numerous individuals that this stress relief of future payments being a non issue allows creativity to flow much easier.

We have seen constant growth in the studio since this form of payment has been put in place and it all started with an idea. Make sure you try new things! You may be thinking “what happens once the initial payment is used and you still need to pay the rent?”

Well that leaves room for only one thing then doesn’t it? Growth. 

This is the sink or swim technique, and it’s worked for me countless times; it requires a vision, discipline, and constant persistence. 


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