The Move Is Near!

Me and Keith are both interested in moving back to Victoria… British Columbia is such a beautiful place and we both have so many memories there. We both have a lot to leave behind when we do make that decision, but nothing at the same time. Things get passed down, and passed on. People evolve and take the place of their hierarchy as well as learn more and more each day; my position will be filled, and Keith’s car collection and side jobs will find new homes and new contractors.

We know the owners of a very trusted moving company in Victoria, having a lot of memorable experiences there and building countless relationships has opened so many doors for us. We are not currently ready to make the leap but when we are we have been blessed with trusted home movers to help us arrive safe with all of our belongings.

This may be the benefit of being an entrepreneur, I became acquainted with the owners through bartering; come to think of it, I met a lot of amazing people through owning numerous business’s and bartering different services.

In the very first article I wrote I mentioned that I have family in Victoria, well it seems I left out that Keith also has a number of family members still living on Vancouver Island. Keith’s loved ones are mainly in the Nanaimo area but that is only an hour or so away from the heart of Downtown Victoria. This will be a huge leap for us and we have been talking about it for months, we both have so much going on currently that it seems a tad spontaneous, though we have had it on the burner for some time now… (bouncing from the front burner to the back, back to the front). 

We’ll be talking more about this in the future, filling you all in with details and our personal experiences! Whoa, typing this last sentence put a big smile on my face; this adventure isn’t that far away.

This has been our minds for some time but I do have to say… Out of all things that we have built here, the art studio I am most proud of. Thankfully there is a number of members that will be able to fill my position by the time we decide to dive into the fire and do what we have been in envisioning. Where are you from? Have you reached out to me or Keith yet? We are here to learn, listen, and grow!

We started this blog to grow together, collaborate and learn more about ourselves; Keith has most certainly stepped outside his comfort zone. If you have read his latest writings you know he talked about feeling guilty for his mistake, yes I very much enjoyed reading his post because in the years that I have known this man I have never read something like that from him. Keith is very much ‘tough skinned’, and ‘hard shelled’; reading that was very heart warming, I know that this blog has helped us both, him especially. Now I hope you read this dear, and then come find me. ;]

It’s very late here, Keith is snoring and I thought I would pop in because it’s been a while and I wanted to share our current thoughts on our living arrangements. We love where we are, but change is good and we both want to completely retire on Vancouver Island somewhere. Being close to family is important to us both and when we finally ‘settle down’ we want to be near our loved ones.

Goodnight all. <3

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