Whoa, what an experience.

Moving is always a pain, we all know that; this time around it wasn’t exactly ‘a pain’ more like a blessing. Family, friends, and new acquaintances have been around us on a daily basis and we can’t express our gratitude enough. Living on an island is definitely a different kind of feeling, I mean we all live on islands but smaller ones are prone to have serious damage caused by earthquakes if the event were to arise. I guess this keeps me and Keith on our toes! Have you been following our blog? We know it’s nothing to special but it does mean a lot to us and we really do appreciate all feedback!

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Where abouts are you from? You’ve most likely read that our dream has been to retire on Vancouver Island, and if your new to our website than you most certainly are welcome; we would love to learn more about you! Canada is a beautiful space, the Western side specifically, the east is great and I have a number of cousins as far as Toronto, but British Columbia has been calling us for years. Keith is ready to build a freaking car hoist, he has been going bonkers due to lack of ‘grease monkey’ work, (that’s what he calls it). I on the other hand have been finding peace in paintings, One of my friends Erin has been showing me a number of color mixing kits and I’ve been experimenting with a variety of different paints. There is this incredible store just minutes away from Downtown Victoria, the store is called Michael’s and it carries everything I could think of when it comes to creating a painting of any sort.

This move has definitely had us enduring some difficulties but looking at things like painting definitely turns things around, we’re not even completely finished but we are more than happy with what has been done so far. Keith is calling me, sorry for being so short, I was hoping I could pop on here for at least a half hour but I guess duty calls!

Don’t forget to let us know what’s going on with you, (if you would like to of course). We are all ears, time has most certainly been tight lately but next time me and Keith are around and actually have some down-time we will be able to catch up and share!

Love to all,



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