Wine, Automotive Repair, And Dancing.

Keith here,

I’m happy to read that Sharon has shared with you our thoughts on moving to Vancouver Island, Canada. A lot of memories on that little rock and getting back to see familiar faces is going to be a memorable experience. I am also not so pleased to read that she has decided to share with you all that I am a snoring machine… Just joking, I find it hilarious, especially if even in my sleep I can still get a rise out of her. 😉

Last night consisted of some tasteful wine, smooth jazz, and me dancing with a beautiful woman named Sharon. 


Now before the night got groovy, I had an enormous amount of work to get done, and thankfully, I managed to get everything I needed done today. Back is a little sore, almost got my arm crushed by a table saw that decided to buckle while I was moving storage beside it, and last by not least I got pawned off to another local as he was told “Your project has to be reviewed by Keith.”

That last part I am quite proud of, a gentleman named Jonathon lives in the area, we’ve become good mates and we’ve helped each other out a lot over the past year; well Jonathon likes to tell everybody about my thing for cars… Next thing I know the home phone’s message box is full because people want my opinion on their truck/car/motor home project. This isn’t me complaining, as I am happy to help, but whoa, I am suppose to be retired! 


Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people, I really do; I am is just tired. 


Now I can share with you all the beautiful evening me and Sharon had last night, whoa was it ever something. We love wine, tasteful wine, and to add smooth jazz to the evening? Well, we are both set in that kind of a scenario. We don’t often dance, but I believe that is because we don’t play enough music; we’re going to work on that. Smooth jazz is something I can move to, I have even grown to like ‘Hip Hop’ just because of the bass that comes out of our sound system. Overall, I’ve come to realize that without music my life would not be the same. I always have the radio going in the shop, but in our home playing music has become quite the rarity, like I said, we are going to work on that as last night brought us both a lot of joy.

Here’s a question for you all:

Red Wine Or White Wine? 

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